Darwin Bali Yacht Race Summary 2001
As a result of an initiative by Mr Aji Sularso and PORLASI this event was started to replace the Darwin Ambon Yacht Race that was halted in 1999 as a result of civil unrest in that area of Indonesia. It was planned as a race however due to the Australian Yachting Federation regulations only two yachts were able to enter as official starters and the rest of the fleet made their way to Bali at their own pace.
Final Results First Second
Line Honours Helsal II Australian Maid
Handicap Placing Australian Maid Helsal II

26 July
Australian Maid crossed the finish line in Benoa shortly after midnight at 00:17 hrs to win the Darwin-Bali Race on handicap.
Corrected times were:
Australian Maid 130 hrs 15 mins
Helsal II 133 hrs 14 mins
Good conditions made for very exciting and close rally with only a few hours separating the two yachts at the finish after 4 days of racing. Australian Maid reached speeds of close to 20 knots while surfing the large swells into Bali.

25 July 
Helsal II took line honours in the Darwin-Bali Race at 19:30 hrs today.
At 4 pm Helsal II was 20 miles from the finish line and expected to finish before nightfall today, Jon Wardill's  Australian Maid is 44 miles astern and is expected to finish late tonight. Conditions are still ideal with the breeze ranging from 10 to 20 knots from the east.

At 8 am Helsal II was at E09° 21'  S116° 56' a little over 100 miles from the finish and expecting to cross the finish before dark tonight. The Australian Maid is 36 miles astern and is expected to finish late tonight. At this time Australian maid is well ahead on handicap.
The accompanying yachts are enjoying the ideal conditions with a 12-15 knot easterly breeze.


24 July
At 4 pm Helsal II was at S10° 16'  E119° 37' ,670 miles from Darwin with 273 miles to go to Bali. The Australian Maid at S10° 24'  E120° 00' was 23 miles miles astern. A number of the yachts accompanying them stopped for the night at Ashmore Reef and resumed their trip the next  morning. Conditions were ideal with 10-12 knot Easterly breeze.

At 8 am the leading yachts in the Darwin to Bali Yacht Race had passed the half-way mark, with leading yacht Helsal II being 587 miles west of Darwin.

At the 7:45 am today, Helsal II's position was south of the Indonesian island of Sumba at 11°06'S 120°56'E. The Darwin yacht, Australian Maid, was at 10°58'S 121°20'E, 24 miles behind Helsal II.

Conditions for the fleet were reported as 13-17 knot easterly. The slightly stronger winds helped the yachts, with Helsal II making 150 miles overnight.

At 4 pm Helsal II was approaching the halfway mark and was 435 miles from Darwin with the Darwin yacht Australian Maid 27 miles behind. The fleet of yachts accompanying  them were making good time in the light conditions with a 10 knot easterly breeze.

At 8 am  Helsal II was 360 NM west of Darwin at 11° 10'S 124° 44'E and is still leading the Darwin Bali Yacht Race. Australia Maid's position was 11° 40'S 125° 02'E, 18 miles behind  Helsal II which had increased her lead over Australian Maid by 3 NM overnight.
Overnight conditions for the fleet were reported as 12-14 knots easterly breeze.

22 July
At the 16:15 radio schedule today, Helsal II was 235 nautical miles west of Darwin (12 deg16 min south 126 deg 51 min east) and leading the Darwin Bali Yacht Race. Australian Maid is about 25 miles south of Helsal II and 15 miles behind. Winds were reported as 10-15 knots SE.
21 July
The race started  at 1100 Hours with the Australian Maid first over the line in a 20+ Knot southeasterly, at 1600 CST Helsal was 52 miles from Darwin With Australian Maid 3 miles astern. The fleet of yachts accompanying the race were all making good time in the fresh conditions
20 July
The Darwin Bali Yacht Race has been affected by the introduction of the Australian Yachting Federation Safety Regulations which came into effect on the 1st July 2001, the yachts listed below entered the race but all except Australian Maid and Helsal II could not meet these new requirements and have withdrawn from the race. The yachts that have withdrawn will however continue onto Bali but will not be part of the race. The IRC handicap for The Australian Maid is 1.192 and Helsal II is 1.275
The yachts that also made the pasage to Bali were African Queen, Astraeus, Hullabaloo, Imagine Perfect Alibi, Total Devotion, Southerly Change, Pippa II, Tempo II, Columbus, Knot Yet, Shamal, Summer Breeze, Nieje Leev
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