Updated November 1 2006
2006 Rally Summary and list of Participants
October 1
The Sea Bali events were enjoyed by a total of almost 70 yachts, the mooring area was moved at the last minute to the village of Serangan which was great as the participants were able to experience Balinese village life away from the well worn tourist areas of southern Bali. The newly finished seaside restaraunt which became the focus of activities had not even been named. There were a number of complimentary tours of the island as well as many parties and dinners. These events have now concluded and the yachts are now headed for Singapore.

August 29
The yachts have now spread into two groups with the first group of 20 yachts now in Makassar and the larger group around the eastern end of Flores leaving soon for Rinca and Komodo. Both groups of yachts are now making their way to Bali for the Sea Bali Festival which begins September 16. Due to poor communications in the area precise details are not available but will be posted here as we receive information.

August 11
Today all yachts were leaving Lembata and heading for Riung and Maumere on the north coast of the island of Flores.

August 9-10
The events in Lembata were a great success with almost 50 yachts choosing to go there and most of the population of Lembata turned out for the welcome ceremony and festivities. The crews were given a royal welcome and taken through the town in a procession of rickshaws, motorbikes and cars. Crewmembers then attended the opening of the Flores Lembata festival then left for tours of the island.

August 8
Yachts began leaving Alor August 5 and by August 8 those reported in Lembata included, Adamant II, Alb, Annwn, Anon, Aquarius, Balvenie, BeenA Long, Bittersweet, Bluenose, Calabar, Circe, Cool Change, Court jesster, Dream Catcher, Endeavour, Envy, Faja lobi, First Light, Freaya, Gambori, Giddyup, Gypsy Queen, Harrier, Hirondelle, Ice Maiden, Jaraman, Katani II, La Barca, Larsine, Maine, Marida, Merlin V, Mr Bean, Muscat, Naga, Necesse, Panthallassa, Plane Sailing, Resolute, Scipio, Silver Fern, Stardust, Strikemaster, Tactical directions, Taipan, Tania, Theleme, Tientos, Tinto III, Utiekah III, Ventana and ings. The participants were greeted with a traditional welcome dance, then taken to the Flobamora Festival followed by a formal welcome at the Regent's residence. The next day they were taken on a tour of the city, hill top viewing areas, fishing villages and then to the rice fields to experience the local lifestyle. La Barca and Taipan arrived in Kupang August 6.

August 2
Indulgence II, Katani , Ultima, Jaraman, Giddy Up and Court Jester arrived in Alor August 1 and they have been joined by Alb, Ascension, Calabar, Freya, Larsine, MerlinV, Minke II, Necesse, Scipio, Stardust, Tania, Tiantos, Tinti III, Touche and Utiekah III. The welcome for the yachts was just getting under way and the yachts have reported back on the wonderful reception they have received.

July 31
Yacht Lavinia arrived in Kupang mid morning today, as many of the fleet were leaving for the next event at Kalabhi in Alor.
July 29
The Rally Welcome Dinner hosted by the Mayor of Kupang Mr SK Lerik was held at Teddys Hotel and was accompanied by a number of cultural displays as well as traditional dances from Timor.
July 28
All participants were invited to a formal dinner hosted by the Deputy Govenor of NTT Mr Franz Leburaya where a "Table Manners" demonstation dinner was also held.

July 27
Egress arrived in Kupang this afternoon making a total of 82. The Indonesian Customs have worked long hours to ensure that the clearances went well, and the expected backlog and long waiting times did not eventuate. Officials were still working through the arrival procedures for the late arrivals but this has not slowed down the determination of those already cleared and in Teddy's Bar to have a good time!
At the morning radio sched a further 14 were yachts reported to be in Kupang taking the total to 81. New arrivals included Alchemy, Annwn, Anon, Aquarius, Been-a-Long, Bluenose, Circe, Cool Change, Endeavour, Estrela, First Light, Giddyup, Marida, and Stardust. The weather in the rally area was reported to be fine. Egress is expected to arrive late morning and some late starters, La Barca, Taipan and Lavinia are still on their way. Gentle Lady left for Kupang this morning but has returned to Darwin and will not be going to Indonesia this year.

July 26
Fresh conditions helped swell the number of yachts in Kupang to 67 over the day. Arrivals included Adamant II, Alb, Aliesha, Amaroo VII, Ascension, Azimut, Bluesipp, Calabar, Chick Chack, Court Jester, Dream Catcher, Dreamcatcher of San Fransisco, Envy, Freya, Gambori, Hirondelle, Ice Maiden, Maine, Merlin V, Minke II, Mr Bean, Necesse, Ocelot, Port-n-Starboard, Resolute, Rhiannon, Scotia, Tania, Thelerne, This Way Up, Tientos, Tiku Moye, Tinto III, Utiekah III, Vagabond Heart, and Ventana. With the exception of some late starters the remainder of the yachts are expected to arrive overnight and tomorrow.
At 0800 today there were 31 yachts reported to be in Kupang. New arrivals included Askari, Balvenie, Bittersweet, Faja Lobi, Gypsy Queen, Kindara, Larsine, Muscat, Olive Oyl, Plane Sailing, Sarabande, Scipio, Seadrive, Strikemaster, Tweed, and Wings. The weather in the rally area was reported to be fine with a pleasant 15 knots of wind which is being enjoyed by the fleet. At least 20 yachts are expected to arrive during the course of the day the front runners include Alb, Aliesha, Freya, This Way Up, Tientos, and Ventana.

July 25
Trillium, the 31' Farrier trimaran skippered by Ross Letten was first into Kupang arriving just before lunchtime and by late this afternoon 15 yachts were reported to have arrived including Calypso JJ, Gone with the Wind, Harrier, Indulgence II, Jaraman, Katani II, Makori, Naga, Panthalassa, Silver Fern, Tactical Directions, Touche, Ultima, and Xhabbo. A second group hot on their heels including Askari, Muscat, Plane Sailing, Sarabande, and Gypsy Queen were reported to be experiencing challenging wind up to 30 knots combined with a 3 knot current as they approach Kupang. About 20 other yachts were within approximately 60 miles of Kupang at the time of the afternoon radio sched with the remainder of the fleet spread out behind them.
At 0800 today there were a number of yachts close to Kupang with less than 50 miles to go, including Gypsy Queen, Jaraman, Katani II, and Trillium and are expected into port at around lunchtime today. Gentle Lady has returned to Darwin with fuel problems and will leave when these are repaired. The weather in the rally area was reported as overcast with 15 knots of wind, which been welcomed by the fleet.

July 24
At 1600 today the weather conditions had not improved with only 5-8 knots of breeze under an overcast sky, the leading yachts Harrier, were only 130 miles from the entrance to the Roti Strait just south of Kupang and were expected in Kupang by mid morning on Tuesday. A number of yachts including Amaroo VII, Court Jester, Dream Catcher, Egress II, Gambori and Seadrive were still 230 miles out and are expected in Kupang late on Wednesday.
At 0800 today the yachts were still experiencing light conditions with 5 knots of breeze and flat seas, the fleet was being lead by a group of multihulls with Harrier skippered by Dennis Gudgell in front 170 miles from Kupang with Gone with the Wind, Tactical Directions and Trillium all within 10 miles of the leader and expected in Kupang tomorrow. The slower yachts were a little over half way in the less than ideal conditions with Anon, Port N Starboard, Tientos, Utiekah III, Wings and Ocelot still 230 miles away from Kupang.

July 23
At 1600 most yachts reported that there had been little or no wind during the day but in mid afternoon conditions had improved with a light 10 knot breeze over the rally area. Yachts reported in on the 1600 sched with Annwn, Bittersweet, Court Jester, Estrela, and Giddyup in a group towards the back of the fleet having only covered 140 miles since leaving Darwin. The 3 day forecast for the rally area is for these conditions to continue.
On the 0800 sched, the trimaran Trillium was making the most of the light conditions during the night and was 140 miles west of Darwin. The yachts Minke II, Muscat, Naga, Sea Drive, Silver Fern, Touche and Vagabond Heart were in a group 30 miles behind. A number of yachts have resorted to motoring in the light conditions. The American entry Wings was still sailing almost 60 miles behind Trillium. Gentle Lady had returned to Darwin with fuel problems and was expected to rejoin the fleet tomorrow.

July 22
The Sail Indonesia fleet left Darwin at 1100 today in a light 10 knot southeasterly breeze.
The fleet of over 90 yachts was lead out of Darwin Harbour by the Australian trimaran Trillium skippered by Ross Letten followed by Bryce Sommerville's New Zealand entrant Silver Fern and third across the start line was the British entrant Sarabanbe skippered by Basil Diethelm. at 1600 on the afternoon sched they reported they were sailing in very light conditions in a group 35 miles west of Darwin.

Photographs from the start in Darwin

The start boat "Anniki"

Trillium leading the fleet

This Way Up and Askari

Calypso JJ

Silver Fern

Tactical Directions

Utiekah III


Sail Indonesia 2006 List of Participants
Name Nationality Design Length Skipper
1 Adamant II Australia Roberts 39
Peter Dlask
2 Alb Britain Kalik
Mark Jebbett
3 Alchemy Britain Fontaine Pajot
Mark Harrison
4 Aliesha Britain Hallberg Rassy 36
Richard Moore
5 Amaroo VII Australia Blueseas 50
Simon Haydok
6 Annwn Australia Adams 45
Walter Pichler
7 Anon New Zealand Cross Trimaran
Brian Lodge
8 Aquarius Australia Roberts Offshore
Gary Penney
9 Ascension Canada Beneteau 375
Gordon Kerr
10 Askari USA Shearwater 39
Richard Brown
11 Azimut Germany Najad
Eckhardt Westphal
12 Balvenie New Zealand Townson
47 '
Mark Farrell
13 Been-A-Long Australia Roberts Mauritius
Trevor Long
14 Big Reef South Africa Lavranos
Brian Sutherland
15 Bittersweet USA Peter Hatfield
Larry Hamilton
16 Bluenose Britain Countess 37
Douglas Beesley
17 Bluesipp Finland Hallberg Rassy
John Kirkus
18 Calabar Canada Bristol 41
David Black
19 Calypso JJ Australia Dufor
Geoff Wilson
20 Cavalier Hong Kong Cavalier 395
Bryan Levinge
21 Charioteer New Zealand Stewart Ganley
Brian Boswell
22 Chick Chack New Zealand Farr 1104
Simon Crudgington
23 Circe Denmark Mon 391
Jørgen Arleth
24 Cool Change Canada Vancouver 25
Peter Bowman
25 Court Jester Australia Cavalier 45
Wayne Barker
26 De Jagter II Panama Dean
Alan Toone
27 Dream Catcher Australia Westerly Conway
Joe Roggeveen
28 Dreamcatcher of SF USA Cal 3-46
John Carter
29 Egress II Canada Discovery
John Thomson
30 Endeavour Netherlands v.d. Stadt Caribean
Klaas Lubbers
31 Envy Australia Swanson
Bruce Vidgen
32 Estrela USA Westsail 32
D. Douglas Hopkins
33 Faja Lobi Netherlands Hutting
Theo de Loos
34 First Light Australia Oyster
Ron Lewis
35 Freya Netherlands Catalina
Jouke van der Leest
36 Gambori Australia Olympic
Robert Anderson
37 Gentle Lady Australia Roberts
Henk Pleysier
38 Giddyup New Zealand Own Design
Paul Meredith
39 Gone With the Wind Australia Grainger 52
Liam Nicholls
40 Gypsy Queen New Zealand Hakker
Robert Koch
41 Harrier USA Adams A40
Dennis Gudgell
42 Hirondelle France Pouvreau
Fedor Garic
43 Ice Maiden Britain Hallberg Rassy 352
Victor Saunders
44 Indulgence II Australia Warick 50
Allan Pyne
45 Intrepid of Dover Britain Westerly Oceanlord
Andrew Gibb
46 Intrigue New Zealand Dubois
Garry Foster
47 Jaraman Australia Beneteau 393
John Potter
48 Katani II Australia Crowther 85
Graeme Dunnage
49 Kindara Australia Crowther Windspeed
Nicholas Magraw
50 La Barca Australia Jarkan 10.5
Adam Norris
51 Larsine Denmark Columbie 451
Steen Larsen
52 Lavinia Australia Roberts
Nickolas Clark 
53 Maine France Garcia Passoa 47
Gérard Hay
54 Makori Australia Roberts Spray
Norman Ellis
55 Marida Netherlands Koopmans 43
Adri Broekhuizen
56 Merlin V Australia Adams 40
Gary Grigg
57 Merpati Putih Indonesia Crowther Eureka
Henny Pugiastuti
58 Minke II Australia Simpson Cat
Michael Harman
59 Mr Bean Britain Bruce Roberts
Malcolm Robertson
60 Muscat Australia Fastback 43
Bruce Hosken
61 Naga USA Dick Newick Native
John Petith
62 Necesse Finland Avance 36
Kari Ollikainen
63 Ocelot USA Kronos 45
Jonathan Hacking
64 Olive Oyl USA Sloop
Andre J Driollet
65 Panthalassa Australia Swanson
Des Sleight
66 Plane Sailing Britain Catamaran
Robert Plane
67 Port-n-Starboard New Zealand Davidson 37
Struan Robertson
68 Resolute USA Cascade 36
Jack Garrett
69 Rhiannon USA Cascade 36
Harry Brenker
70 Romance USA Pearson 424
William Marmann
71 Sarabande British S&S
Basil Diethelm
72 Scipio British Rival 41
Gerald Bryant
73 Scotia British Bruce Roberts
Hugh Fraser
74 Seadrive Australia Simpson Seadrive
Michael Kesterton
75 Silver Fern New Zealand Birdsall/Bakewell
Bryce Sommerville
76 Sparrow Netherlands Crealock Pacific
Johannes van Opzeeland
77 Stardust USA Hans Christian
Robert McAllister
78 Strikemaster New Zealand Lidgard 42
Dennis Bayer
79 Sweet Chariot Australia Buizen 48
David Henry
80 Tactical Directions Australia Crowther
Anthony Roberts
81 Taipan Australia Kaufmann
David Frost
82 Tania Vanuatu Berret Racoupeau
Jean Pierre Duchene
83 Theleme France Ketch
Robert Garcia
84 This Way Up Australia Grainger 430
Dave Bowden
85 Tientos Australia Wilf O'Kell
Keith Pennicott
86 Tiku Moye Switzerland François Chevalier
Jean-Claude Roux
87 Tinto III Sweden Amel Maramu 2000
Bengt Martensson
88 Touche Australia Adams
John Marwood
89 Trillium Australia Farrrier
Ross Letten
90 Tweed Australia Hans Christian
Jon Choate
91 Ultima Britain Oyster 56
Günther Müller
92 Utiekah III Australia Ketch
Anthony Mahoney
93 Vagabond Heart Australia Transpac 49
William Hawkins
94 Ventana USA Island Packet
Robert Dubin
95 Wings USA Frers
Davenport Browne III
96 Xhabbo Australia Herreshoff
Don Ross

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