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Sail Indonesia 2015
July 17
All participants attended the the Farewell Barbeque at The Darwin Sailing Club on Friday July 17 where they were able to meet with the other sailors,renew acquaintances, swap stories and make plans. JR Duty free donated a number of fragrances from their range which were raffled on the night and raised $325 AUD which went to the Kupang Scholarship Program
The Technical Meeting was also attended by all participants at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel where they were given the latest updates and information regarding their crossing of Indonesia by Aji Sularso from ASWINDO and from Sazli Khamal Basha from Sail Malaysia. Skippers and crews are very busy as they make preparations for their Customs clearance on Friday morning and departure from Darwin at 11 am on Saturday morning.
July 25
The rally left Darwin in light conditions on schedule in Fannie Bay west of the Darwin Sailing Club at 11 am. The fleet was led across the start line by the Darwin based yacht Parlay sailed by Ray and Shaunnaugh Jones. Some yachts decided to leave Darwin one day late when the forecast light winds were expected to increase but this did not eventuate and the fleet made its way slowly to Kupang.
July 28
Parlay arrived in Kupang early on Tuesday morning first from Darwin after motoring for around 9 hours and experienced an unseasonal rainstorm close to Kupang which also gave Kupang city some unexpected rain. During the day as other yachts began arriving in Kupang Customs, Immigration, Quarantine, Port Control (CIQP) and Money Changers opened a one stop shop in an office only 50 meters from the beach.
With the experience gained form previous years the yachts were cleared as soon as they arrived and the crews were then able to go off into Kupang for sightseeing and buy supplies.
July 29
The main body of yachts began to arrive today, the 29th and again they were processed as they arrived with only minimal delays. A welcome ceremony hosted by the Kupang Mayors office was held at the anchorage at 11 am where the yacht crews were treated to some traditional dancing, breakfast and the presentation of ceremonial sarongs and local hats.
As the day progressed the crews exchanged stories at the onshore bar/restaurant and CIQP closed up for the day at 5 pm.
At 6 pm buses arrived at the anchorage and took all the participants to the Timor Governor's Welcome Ceremony and Dinner at the RRI (Radio Republic Indonesia) exhibition centre not far from the anchorage.
After the welcome speeches there were a number of local dances culminating in a spectacular dance by a group from Iran Jaya (Papua) in traditional dress which received a standing ovation.
This was followed by a buffet dinner for around 500 persons - truly a night not to be forgotten.
July 30
The slower yachts arrived through the day and some of the crews that had earlier exploring the sights of Kupang and taking tours to some attractions away from the town.....................................................................
Yacht Name
      1 Akitsushima III Japan Custom 44' Norio Matsushita
      2 Alaeris USA Outbound Yachts 46 46' Alex Frowein
      3 Alba United Kingdom Hallberg Rassy 42F 43' Neville Howarth
      4 Alua Switzerland Motiva 46' Peter Moser
      5 Anthem Australia Bougainvillea 63' Adrian Peck
      6 Aquamante Netherlands Hallberg Rassy 54' Vries Pons
      7 Blue Sky Germany Catalina 42 42' Tino Schumann
      8 Caduceus United kingdom Amel 54 54' Martin Bevan
      9 Catimini Belgian Island Spirit 40' Roger Denis
      10 Cattiva Australia Custom 43' Grant Thompson
      11 Conrad Australia Conrad 40 40' Franz Lintl
      12 Dana Felicia United Kingdom Custom Built 65' Sven Aaen
      13 Evolution NT Australia Northshore 380C 38' Barrie Morgan
      14 Finally Australia Beneteau 50' Neville Gill
      15 Flomaida II Germany Amel 54 54' Christoph Hartung
      16 Gemini Lady Australia Lightwave 45SP 45' Tim Allen
      17 HEBGB Australia Alpha 33 33' Nathan Lewis
      18 Kailani USA Deerfoot 64' Harley Earl
      19 Kalili Australia Adams 35' Lloyd Burgess
      20 La Passarola Australia John Pugh 49' Les Burns
      21 Laragh Ireland Daniel Andrieu 44' David Hennessy
      22 Luna Blu Switzerland Amel Super Mamaru 52' Paul Aebersold
      23 Marathon Lady Australia Beneteau 42' Russel Lawrence
      24 Mariposa Germany Roberts 46' Rolf Leffin
      25 Millenium Australia Scott Jutson 60' John Clayton
      26 Mowana USA Fountaine Pajot 45' Olivier Theodore
      27 New Dawn Luxembourg Hallberg Rassy 53' Paul Donnerup
      28 New Views Australia Fountaine Pajot Belize 43' Graham Swannell
      29 Ocelot USA Kronos 45' Jon Hacking
      30 Pacific Lily New Zealand Wooden Trawler 45' Rob McDougall
      31 Parlay Australia Irwin 52 52' Ray Jones
      32 Pedro 3 Australia Off Shore Motor Yacht 52' Richard Nicholson
      33 Peggy West Ireland Nicholson 35 35' Roy Dixon
      34 Per Ardua United Kingdom Mummary 40 40' Peter Kee
      35 Poppycat Australia Lagoon 38' Jeremy Pope
      36 Red Herring II New Zealand Spencer 45' Graham Westerby
      37 Reverie Australia Fuller 60 60' Peter Moore
      38 Rotor Hungary Amel Euros 41 41' Geza Szabo
      39 Sea Monkey Australia Morgan Out Island 41' Carlos Steenland
      40 Sorceress USA Cal 39 39' Sieg Mayers
      41 Spruce United Kingdom Hallberg Rassy 42E 42' Andy Warman
      42 Tortuguita USA Privilege 45 45' David Deakyne
      43 Ubatuba Marshall Islands Voyage 43' Alexandre Di Monaco
      44 Viannica New Zealand CT 49 49' Graeme Jackson
        Lizzie One Australia Corsair 36' James Temple
        Saint Jude USA Bristol Bay Sail Boat 35' Stephen Gieber

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