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This is one of the the main cities in eastern Indonesia located at the western end of Timor and is well known as the place Captain Bligh called in June of 1789 after the mutiny on the H.M. Bounty.
The Kupang Airport is around 15 kilometers from town and there are many daily flights that connect with all other ports in Indonesia.

Kupang has a number of shopping malls including "Flobamora Mall" where most grocery and other items are available. Within a 10 minute walk from the anchorage off Teddys Bar there are a number of Banks as well as Automatic Teller Machines. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes close by.
In Kupang as with the rest of Indonesia internet facilities can be slow or not very reliable in the internet cafes offering access, however a better service is available at the TELKOM office up the hill, just a short ride on the number 2 bus (bemo) from the mooring area.
Data connections for your computer ar now widely available.


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Kupang City Map

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Kupang Central Map

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