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Page updated May 20 2022
Information Links for Cruising Yachts
Sail Indonesia is not responsible for the content, accuracy or the continued existence of any of these linked sites and we do not endorse any of these sites, their parent organization or any of their services. Please take care as some of the information contained in the links listed below in some cases may be out of date or not correct, these links are included only as an information service to our rally participants.
Sevenstar Yacht Transport Asia to the Mediterranean Pantaenuis Yacht Insurance
Topsail Yacht Insurance Sailing Anarchy
Sea Bird Monitoring Bellingham Chart Printers Low Cost Charts
Yacht Insurance SEQ Cruising World
Noonsite World Cruising
The Louisiades Rally Seven Seas Cruising Association
The Cruisers Log Latitude 38 Magazine
On Passage Global Cruising Crewfinder
Setsail for the Global Cruiser World Lighthouse Depot
CrewSeekers International Boat International
Sail World Wiki World Cruising
Sailing Wikipedia The Deckstore in Cairns
US Geospatial Agency Marine Information The Gove Boat Club Northern Territory
The Cruising Club of America Marine Insurance and Sails
Boat Books Australia Good Nautical
Andaman Sea Information  
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