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Page updated February 2 2019
North Australian and South East Asian Weather and Tides
For yachts sailing to Darwin from the East Coast of Australia, after you leave Cape York for Darwin local weather information for the coast of the Northern Territory may not be easy to get. The Australian Broadcasting Commission radio stations transmit hourly local and coastal weather updates and weather warnings, 24 hours per day.
For these forecasts listen to Gove on 8GO on 990 Khz AM located at 12° 17’ and 136° 50, Jabiru on 747 Khz AM located at 12° 40 and 132° 50 and of course from Darwin on 8DDD 105.7 FM or Radio National 657 KHz AM, these transmitters are located in Darwin at approximatley 12° 26' and 130° 50' .
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