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Page updated February 1 2018
Looking for a position as a crew member ?
The yachts that enter Sail Indonesia come from Australia and many other countries and and often Sail Indonesia is part of their circumnavigation. After cruising up the East Coast of Australia they usually arrive in Darwin 3 or 4 weeks before the rally departs from Darwin to prepare their yachts.
In Darwin before the rally leaves there are sometimes yachts wishing to take on extra crew for the passage across Indonesia and if you are looking for a crew position you should be in Darwin at that time and make your own arrangements by meeting with the yacht captains at the marinas and saiing clubs.
When yachts take on extra crew in Darwin usually the captain would like to meet new crew members on a person to person basis, to assess sailing skills, discuss financial arrangements and compatibility with the other members of the crew.
Also please check the Indonesia's Visas, Immigration and Cruising Permit Regulations page of our web site for information about your entry into Indonesia
We do not arrange for people wishing to find crew positions on our participating yachts but there are often many yachts looking for a crew position in Darwin before the rally leaves and in past years many of these have found a yacht.
If you are a yacht captain registered in our rally looking for extra crew members we can put your contact details on the Meetmarket page of our web site.
You can search for yachts that are looking for crew by following the links below:-
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