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Updated January 10 2019
Sail Indonesia 2019 Rally Program
Sail Indonesia is an annual yacht rally that leaves Darwin in July of each year and is followed by a three month program of linked destinations across Indonesia, see 2019 Schedule, Sail Indonesia as a web based event and our rally is promoted and managed using the internet and email only, we do not use telephone, post or facsimile. When you arrive in Darwin there will be phone numbers to contact us in Darwin during the month before you leave for Indonesia. These will be announced on our web site NEWS PAGE in late June when they become active.
Sail Indonesia will depart from Darwin on July 27 2019, the Entry Fee will be $425 AUD and will include the events in Darwin and across Indonesia.
Our Rally is open to the following yachts, Mono hull yachts having a waterline length of not less than 7.3 meters and Multi hull yachts with a waterline length of not less than 8.0 meters.
Your Entry Fee includes English speaking ground support as you cross Indonesia plus entry and exit support, sponsorship letters for visa applications, there are no other fees or charges - it also includes the complimentary Rally Barbeque at the Darwin Sailing Club for all crew members. the Presentation and Dinner on arrival in Indonesia as well as the entire three month Sail Indonesia program that follows as you cross Indonesia.
Please note that your Entry Fee does NOT include the cost of your Indonesian Visas, Visa Extension costs in Indonesia, any Indonesian Customs, Quarantine, Port or Marina costs.
Information regarding your first port in Australia and Australia's Customs and Quarantine Regulations

If your yacht is not yet in Australia, Australia's Customs and Immigration are now one department known as Border Force, for all information regarding the arrival of your yacht into Australia please see Australia's Border Force (Customs) web site.
The Australian Quarantine (now known as Agriculture-Bio security) web site details all information regarding Australia's Quarantine laws including the regulations regarding importation of any organic material, foods, cats, dogs or other pets you may have on board.

Also when you arrive in Australia the Quarantine Service may want inspect the hull of your yacht for unwanted marine organisms, please see Yacht Arrival Quarantine Regulations for all details.

Australian Customs and Quarantine regulations require that yachts arriving in Australia must give notice of arrival at least 96 hours before arrival at their first port in Australia. In past years yacht captains have been fined several thousand dollars in the Queensland Bundaberg court following a court ruling that they had failed to comply with these regulations.

Notify Australian Customs of your planned arrival not less than 96 hours and not more than 10 days before your planned date of arrival to yachtreport@customs.gov.au or by telephone to the Customs Reporting Center at +61 3 9244 8973 or fax +61 2 6275 6331 or free call inside Australia on 1800 061 800, they will take your details and give you the contact phone numbers etc for the Customs Office of your first port in Australia.
You will need to provide the following information to Australian Customs, Yacht name, intended first port of arrival, estimated arrival time, last four ports, details of people on board including name, date of birth, nationality and passport numbers, details of any illness or disease recently encountered, any animals on board and if you have any firearms on board.
If you do not have onboard email you should do it from the last port before entering Australia and request confirmation by email from the Australian authorities for your records any confirmation should be kept for your reference.
If you are on the East cost of Australia and your route will take you through the Torres Strait area on your way to Darwin please note that there are also additional Australian Quarantine Regulations regarding that area, for information see the Australian Government web site at Torres Strait Regulations.
Please note, that as you are going to Darwin, that there are Northern Territory Government regulations regarding the entry of yachts into Darwin's marinas to prevent the spread of marine pests. In some cases your yacht will need to be inspected by divers, or hauled out and treated if necessary to kill any of these marine pests before you can go into any marina. The marina managers will be able to help you arrange these inspections. These inspections are free but any haul out costs will be at the yacht owner's expense. For all information visit the Northern Territory Government web site.
Travel Warnings
It is most important that you check the latest information on travel advice and the security situation for the countries and places you propose to visit. This information is available from a number of Government Web sites including
smartraveller.gov.au in Australia and many others.
Medical Advice
The countries you will be visiting are often affected by Malaria, Polio, Typhoid Fever, Hepatitis as well as other diseases, see MDtravelhealth.com for details. Every crew member should consult a doctor for advice regarding the prevention and treatment of tropical diseases. In Darwin you can visit The Travelers Medical and Vaccination Centre located at 43 Cavenagh Street is on the first floor of the Cavenagh Centre as they specialize in tropical medicine and vaccinations. Their phone number is + 61 8 89817492 and in July they are very busy and there are usually a few days wait for an appointment.
Firearms in Indonesia
The importing and possession of firearms and ammunition in Indonesia is very strictly controlled and the Government regulations are rigidly enforced. All weapons MUST have a registration certificate from the country of origin. Proof of purchase is NOT acceptable. You must declare all firearms and ammunition on arrival in the country to the Indonesian Customs. In Bali in 2004 a Charter Boat Captain spent four months in jail for not declaring his shotguns and ammunition. In 2005, a Sail Indonesia Rally skipper declared his two shotguns to Customs in Kupang with the receipt from the store where they were purchased in the USA. In accordance with the regulations in the USA these weapons were not required to be registered in the USA and as he could not produce a registration certificate his guns were confiscated. He was also threatened with having to appear before a court and a possible 16 year jail term. It required considerable negotiations and the intervention of his country’s diplomatic mission to resolve the issue and his guns were never given back to him.
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