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Page updated February 16 2019
Australia's Visas and Immigration Information
Australian Customs, Quarantine and Visa Regulations
If you are planning to go to Darwin and your yacht is not already in Australia please note that any crew members who are not Australian citizens must have a visa to enter Australia, for all visa information please check with an Australian Consulate before arriving in Australia, penalties for not complying with Australia's Immigration laws can be both severe and expensive.
For on line visa information go to the
Australian Government Visa Application For yachts not yet in Australia go to the
Australian Border Force (Customs) web site for Australian Customs and Immigration information and also please see the
Australian Border Force (Quarantine) web site for all Australian Quarantine information concerning yachts arriving in Australia.

Indonesia's Visa and Immigration Regulations for Visiting Yachts
1. General
For forty years foreign yachts were required to have a CAIT (Cruising Application for Indonesian Territory) before entering Indonesia, however since 2016 this requirement was cancelled and now yachts can can enter freely with no special procedures to follow other than Registration with Indonesian Customs before you arrive in Indonesia and on arrival at the first port the Captain must report to the relevant authourities with the Indonesian Customs Form, all yacht documentation and crew passports. When checking out of the country again the Captain must report with all yacht documentation and crew passports
2. Yacht Registration Certificate
All yachts must have a current National Registration Certificate to obtain an outgoing Australian Customs Clearance in Darwin and to apply for your Indonesian Customs Entry Permit.
When you receive your entry form it will have a suggested cruising route for the Sail Indonesia Route and it will allow you to cruise anywhere in Indonesia west of Kupang through to Batam just south of Singapore. If you require specific information on where to cruise in Indonesia just email us and we will be happy to help you.
3. Crew Visiting Your Yacht while your yacht is in Indonesia.
New crew members can fly into Indonesia and join your yacht then leave while your yacht is still in Indonesia , in this situation please include them as normal crew with your entry and please include all their details and passport scans when you enter. If you are not sure if some crew members will be joining your yacht for the rally or part of the rally again please include their details and passport scans with your entry. Please make sure in advance that they can obtain the correct visa for their entry into Indonesia for their visit.
4. Your Visas for Indonesia
Any costs for your Visas are not included in your entry fee and it is a Indonesian Government regulation that your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Indonesia. You will can apply personally at an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate for your Visas. Please Note that some nationalities are are not permitted to enter Indonesia.
You may given confusing advice regarding obtaining an Indonesian Visa if you contact Indonesian Embassies or Consulates other than the Indonesian Consulate's Visa section in Darwin as most visitors to Indonesia arrive by air. Our rally is arranged for yachts that will depart from Darwin and it will be best to wait until you arrive in Darwin to make all your visa arrangements as the staff there are very familiar with the regulations and process for visitors who travel to Indonesia by sea.
For the most up to date information regarding Indonesian Visas and Indonesian Immigration Regulations you should check with the Indonesian Consulate Visa Staff in Darwin before you leave for Indonesia.
There are 3 types of Indonesian Visa available for a visit to Indonesia.
Please note the only Visa suitable for visiting Indonesia by yacht is the Six Month Social Visa - Class 211/60.
Thirty Day Visa Free
This Visa is available for 30 day visit to citizens of Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Singapore Thailand and Vietnam.
Thirty Day Visa on Arrival
Do not plan you use a Visa on Arrival when you arrive in Indonesia by sea as a 30 day Visa on Arrival may not be available in Kupang. Most importantly at the time A 30 day Visa on Arrival CANNOT be extended and if you overstay the fixed 30 day period you will be at the mercy of Immigration officials and You can be fined $25 per day by Immigration for each day you have overstayed as you exit the country. The maximum penalty for visa overstay violations can be up to 5 years imprisonment or a fine up to IDR 25 million.
The following list of nationalities can obtain a 30 day "Visa on Arrival" Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Luxemburg, Maldives, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States of America. Please check with any Indonesian Embassy or Consulate as this list may be changed from time to time Please note that this list is changed from time to time - for the latest information please contact an Indonesian Diplomatic Mission.
If you enter Indonesia by air using a 30 Day Visa on Arrival, after you leave the country having used that visa you must wait 60 days before you are eligible to apply for a Visa on Arrival a second time, so to ensure you have the flexibility to tour the country at your leisure it is recommended that you obtain a Social Visa before you leave Darwin.
If your nationality is not listed as eligible for "Visa Free Entry" or for a "Visa on Arrival" or if you wish to stay in Indonesia longer than 30 days then you must purchase a "211/60 Social Visa" from the Indonesian Consulate in Darwin at a cost of $60 AUD before you leave for Indonesia.
Six Month Social Visa
All participants arriving by yacht should have a Social Visa, a Social Visa application needs a Sponsor Letter which we will provide. A Social Visa will make your entry into Indonesia much easier at your port of entry and it gives you the ability to stay in Indonesia (with one or two extensions) for 6 months. If you have crew members who plan to fly into Indonesia and join your yacht and leave Indonesia on your yacht, the captain will need to give these crew members a letter stating this so they can arrange a one way ticket into Indonesia.
From 2017 visa applications will also need to include a personal bank statement from the captain showing that you have money for your time in Indonesia..
Please make sure that you apply for a 211/60 Social Visa and not a 211/30 Social Visa.The difference between these two visas is that the 211/30 is usually given for short term conventions or meetings and the 211/60 is given for Social or Cultural purposes, this is the one that is given to participants of Sail Indonesia.
The Visa you will receive must be used within 3 months of you receiving it and the 60 day period for your visit does not begin until you enter the country.
You must apply for your Indonesian Social Visa before you arrive in Indonesia and you will need to have a Visa Sponsor Letter. When you arrive in Darwin you will be able to go direct to Indonesian Consulate and apply for your Social Visas. The Consulate there will already have your Sponsor Letter from ASWINDO in Jakarta to enable the Consulate staff to issue a Social Visa to you. Please be advised that each visa will cost $70 AUD and take 4 working days to process.

Visa Extension
A Six Month Social 211/60 Visa for Indonesia is valid for a stay of up to 6 months, however it is validated for ONLY 60 days when you first arrive in Indonesia and must be extended for additional 30 day periods at a time, the renewal must be commenced at least 5 days prior to the expiration of the previous period.
For each renewal inside Indonesia you will need a Sponsor Letter to accompany your application and there are additional charges for this of around IDR 500.000 - 600,000 per passport.
Indonesia's Immigration Regulations for Visas are changed from time to time - for the latest information and regulations click Visa Information to take you to the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia web site in Canberra Australia.
5. The Indonesian Consulate in Darwin is located at 18 Harry Chan Avenue in Darwin, Telephone number +61 8 89430200 or Fax +61 8 89412709.
For the Indonesian Consulate in Darwin web site
click here and email Sail Indonesia for your Indonesian Social Visa application form. If you plan to apply for your Social Visa in Darwin do not use an Indonesia Visa Application from another Indonesian Consulate as you must use the Visa Application form from their office.
Their email is kridrw@indoconsdarwin.org.au and again all questions regarding Indonesian Visas regulation and up to date Indonesian Immigration Regulations should be checked with their visa staff before you leave Darwin.
If you are going to be late into Darwin you can download the Social Visa Application Form and then send it to the Indonesian Consulate by the postal service for processing.
Please Note - All care has been taken in the preparation of our web site, it contains the best information available to us at any time. However in Indonesia the situation and regulations can sometimes change sometimes without notice and there are often local variations to the implementation of Central Government regulations. We do our best to keep informed of the latest information and continually update our web site with any changes - however for these reasons Sail Indonesia cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information mentioned on this web site.

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